Hà oi!! Where have you been?

Asked my friends.

It’s been a long time since my last writing here. I was about to quit social media, blogging, basically the virtual life, since I did not really see the point of taking a long time to have a good photo or creating a nonsense blog post which doesn’t mean anything to anyone. Until I got several messages asking why I had not posted anything so far. Oh, I just realized that someone visited my personal corner here, which touched me a lot.

My life here in Sweden is so different these days, and it is changing much faster than the visa extension process in this country. So sometimes I forgot to sit down, write something, and reflect upon myself as I used to. And to answer the question up there, alright, it’s me, finally. It’s hard to quit social media, I admit it.

I have been to places where there is no concern about the future.

That’s basically me, always be half in jest half in earnest, slap back to to serious questions from humans.
Katia took a photo of me and the caravan in my favorite color

Anyway, it’s not totally a joke. My 50-day journey was physically tired sometimes, but mentally stress-free. So, I’ve been digging soil, cuddling with cats and dogs, picking flowers and herbs, painting house, planting trees … in the most stunning landscapes in Sweden for 50 days, which made it a marvelous summertime.

Summer has become my favorite time in Sweden since I decided that I would come to Sweden for my study. And of course, It didn’t disappoint me. Back then, being in the countryside of Sweden enjoying the summer was like being a magician and I had to pay a fortune to experience that. But thanks to Workaway.info I found the cheapest way to become a real traveler. Well actually I’m just a clumsy amateur traveler, but at least I am no longer a ‘visitor’, which is my big achievement so far. Thanks to life and angels around me (as Haina always said), I have learned a lot more than just being an amateur traveling kid, reading blogs, and seeing fancy Instagram photos but understanding almost nothing about the real adventure. There’s a question I am not always happy to answer

“Hà ơi! How many countries you have been traveling to since you live in Sweden? – asked my friends

” Mhhhmm it was six, but *whispering* to be honest, that’s not what I was proud of. – humble me replied

I had a list of ten countries to go to in 10 months I live in Sweden, I passed 2/3 and about to finish within 3 months. That was the previous plan. But then Coronavirus came and ruined all that. It was totally a mess but finally, I changed the way of traveling in a better way. Logically, I should say thanks to the Coronavirus, shouldn’t I? In my perception now, traveling is not only counted by how many countries you have been to, but the better thing is also that I can truly absorb the culture in each place I have been to. Nevertheless, I am still against the opinion that traveling experience doesn’t count by the photos you’ve been taking. It does, for me at least. I am still trying my best to take photos of all places I go by my old camera, to keep it as memories, to see how brave and cool I was to reach each place And for me, it’s more hurt losing photos than losing money.

Some background information – Workaway is a platform connecting travelers with the host anywhere on this planet. Travelers will work as volunteers 5 hours per day, 5 days per week in exchange for accommodation and food. The work would depend on which host you work for. That’s what it’s supposed to be like. There are three sites offering opportunities for that kind of experience: Workaway.info ,  WWOOFing , Help-X. I changed my places quite often, in each place I stayed for every two weeks. So the work was varied. My very first experience was working on an organic farm, the second one in an organic cafe, the third was is a yoga center. I did, obviously, learn a lot about the term organic, basically, it’s related to something natural for the plant. Coincidently, I always like the word sincere to describe a human I like. So that somehow matches my interest.

June 22, 2020

It is the warmest and calmest and most peaceful day ever I have experienced in Sweden. Outside it’s raining. It was the first time in Sweden I’ve seen the har rain like the summer rain in Hanoi. It even had a thunderstorm, the first time I saw in a year. We have 4 people playing guitar and singing in a traditional Swedish house since the plan of working was broken. Two cats are sleeping beside. Olivia doesn’t like cats being inside the house, but there is an exception today. Then the song Boulevard become our signature song when reminding of Maria’s place.

Never knew that it would go so far

When you left me on that boulevard

Come again you would release my pain 

And you would, be lover again.

It sounds sad, yet beatiful

Jul 6, 2020

A day of strangers bringing interesting things into my life.

– Do you also listen to this kind of songs? I see it’s quite young, isn’t it….

– Why not? I always listen to Tiktok songs with my son everyday..


– I’d been working in filming industry for 25 years

-Oh cooollll – Always me when dont know how to express my astonishment

– You can search my name on Google, I think i’m quite famous

– Ok I will do it tonight. You make me curious

Just a random short conversation with my host

Then I did, I was just so amazed knowing that he is a film director producing experimental kind of movie. One of his big projects is the longest film in the world and he has several articles wrote about in Vietnamese.

– I read what you wrote in Workaway? You play guitar, don’t you?

– Yes I do, I mean not really play, I’m just practicing for a short time, but it’s way too heavy for me to bring my guitar here

– We do have two, you can borrow if you want. It’s a basic one, but guess it’s enough for practicing purpose

– That would be great!

Another random short conversation in the car

Then I had an old but cool guitar in my room, even though did not practice it as I had done in the previous host house with Ploy.

There was a little girl named Melody. I want to give this to my daughter in the future

My second host offered me the best place to see the sunset every day

Jul 22, 2020

It was the first time I’ve driven a car in Sweden!!!! Also the first time I drive without my dad sitting beside to show what and how should I do. I almost forgot how to drive a manual car but thank Winnie for trusting me and teach me again how to drive. Driving in Swedish countryside area actually was not that stressful as balancing gas pedal and clutch pedal while changing the number. And I did it, even though it’s just for once.

I would not write in detail about what did I do. If you have any questions regarding Workaway experiences, feel free to contact me. I just jot down something from my diary, to briefly record of some beautiful days in my 50-day journey

Frankfurt, 26 Aug, 2020

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