Hello humans!

Really hard it is to believe we are at the end of April already and spring has finally sprung all corners around Sweden. I always remind myself of the I amount of time I still have in this beautiful country to treasure every moment that left. But still, I can’t help being surprised that I have only 2 months to finish my things (well 1 months and 3 week to be specific) of the journey. But anyway, I am absolutely in love with this time when everything is so much brighter & colourful, even though the weather is still cold af sometimes! I can finally start dressing my favorite layering colorful stuffs instead of the thickest and darkest coat on earth I always wore during the winter time and finally it’s time to pack these grey winter stuffs to leave it behind or put in to donation box.

Yo It’s spring, finally, the important thing should be repeated. The signs are everywhere: Later sunsets, green plants sprouting up gradually replacing the scraggy trees in the winter, birds chirping, floral blooming, and animals waking up from a long winter’s nap. Finally I saw some squirrels and big rabbits running across my daily walk inside the forest, could not pet them or take photo them though.

I’ve also been carrying the camera with me to walk around the my place more often. Thanks to the COVID-19 I was forced to postpone my fancy travel plan arould Europe set before. I was kind of irritated and upset at first, but it then became not a big deal to me, the one who is practicing to be the most easy going person on this planet. Seriously, taking photos of  lovely everyday floral blooming around the forest practicing tricks and tips learned photo I saved on Pinterest and Instagram is now my daily rituals and I am enjoying this so much. I used to think that I shoud have a certain way to go in photography, but it now doesnt really matter since I’m having fun documenting the little moments rather than digging into highly technical photography stuff. So please don’t call me a photographer, quite disrespectful to that word.

Among all little spring things, the greatest one so far for me is all the sweet, heartbreakingly delicate flowers. Each season in Sweden has its own flourish of some kinds of beautiful flowers in bloom, but there is no season like Spring when it comes to those perfect luminescent petals of unknown flowers like million butterflies in Cuc Phuong national Park in my trip to Ninh Binh, Vietnam last year.

Here are just a few of my favorites at the moment, if you are looking for something inspired to brighten up your quarantine time, enjoy these photos. And feel free to take it if you want to post it somewhere, just nicely drop my instagram (@thanhalaso1) account for credit.

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