I had roughly 20 hours in Amsterdam and all I decided to do is to play with cats. Then I realized that I should add this activity to all my journeys from now on.

Amsterdam counts 2500 bridges. In the city centre, there are around 500 bridges, more than any other city in the world. In other words, this city is somehow full of water and many of the old buildings are prone to mice issues.  Having a cat is the best way to keep the mice issue down. Also, having cats is to attract those kinds of amateur tourists like me.

I love cats.  This is the only reason why Amsterdam appear on my places checklist beside the fact that it’s on a pretty convenient travel route. I had made a detailed plan in order to be successful in petting all cats in this lovely city. Although things did not go as smoothly as being planned, I could spend most of my time with my favorite cat in some places like a historic canal house, cat museum filled with cat art, various shops and cafes.


This is a cat museum in Amsterdam which holds only cat-related paintings, photos and other artworks in two floors and one open space outside (which is closed in winter). Also, 5 or 6 bosses are raised in this cat castle, only one of which is willing to spend time for the guests, but not always. The entrance fee is 5 euros for students, which is reasonable enough in case you can meet the friendly cat boss sleeping on the historic furniture.

De Poezenboot

De Poezenboot is a floating cat shelter in the middle of the canals of Amsterdam. A cat lover established this cat sanctuary on a boat in the 1960s, and it can hold up to 50 cats. The Catboat is technically free to visit but it’s just opened between 1-3pm, so be carefully when planning to visit this place. Also, be polite with the cat and suport the staffs by buying a postcard.

Cafe Krom

Good coffee and great vibe with the cutest resident cat. The fat cat is always sleeping near on the bar, ignoring reserved tables but very gentle and friendly to all who want to pet.  Cafe Krom is pretty near the city center and but not always crowded, so you can enjoy most your time with this cat and good coffee with pretty reasonable price.

There’s a lot more cats in Amsterdam to be found, which is why I love this city so much. However, I had just nearly two days here so I did not make it all. You can go through this blog post to visit more cats places in this lovely city https://www.wanderlustingk.com/travel-blog/cats-in-amsterdam?fbclid=IwAR2pnGYXwvp0s3-2EsAIYs5CofT6hit2IqE8B6MYN3shUAlWdOfh84bgQ24

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